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Newsletter – August 2011

Greetings from ManageEngine Desktop Central!

We are happy to announce the availability of latest hotfix to Desktop Central 7 – Build 70234.

Here’s the complete list of enhancements & bug fixes over previous hotfix:

Enhancements & Bug Fixes


  1. Ability to automatically scan to fetch the systems’ warranty has been included for Dell, HP and Toshiba computers.
  2. Moving Desktop
    Central installation from one computer to the other is made easy with
    the option to provide the details of the new computer in the user
  3. Option to save an existing configuration as a new configuration has been included.
  4. Reports based on system warranty has been included under Inventory Reports.

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue in showing a wrong start time of the “Automated Patch Deployment” task in the email notification has been fixed.
  2. Software Metering engine has been optimized to address the performance issues.

You can download the hotfix and install as per the instructions provided there.

To download complete product , which includes these enhancements, visit our website.

Feature Enhancements in Focus

Automate Warranty Check of Dell, HP and Toshiba Computers and Get Better Visibility

Central will now automatically update the warranty details of the
computers from the vendor’s website. This automation is currently
included for Dell, HP and Toshiba computers and will be extended to
other vendor computers subsequently.

Clone a Deployed Configuration and Save Time

Consider a case
where you wish to redeploy a configuration for the failed targets or
deploy a configuration to a different set of computers without
disturbing the original configuration. You will have to redefine a
configuration which can be time-consuming. You can now save existing
configurations as new configurations and free yourself from doing to all
over again.

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What’s Cooking

The features in our roadmap that are currently under development include:

  • Ability to deploy configurations immediately on the client computers.
  • MSSQL Support

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