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We are all familiar that Java provides separate executables for
Windows x86 and 64-bit operating systems. While it is possible to install and
use an x86 executable on Windows 64-bit operating systems, it is impossible to
install these executables silently using the system account due to a bug in Java. This
has already been reported as a bug during last October and is yet to be fixed
by Java.

As a result, to my knowledge, all the popular patch
management solutions available in the market today will not be able to detect
and patch the Java installations that use an x86 installable on a Windows
64-bit operating systems. You should either re-install Java with the executable
for Windows 64-bit systems or have to manually update them using some scripts.

Desktop Central, in its recent update released yesterday,
overcomes this Java bug to automatically detect and install patch updates to
Windows x86 installable though you have installed it on a Windows 64-bit
operating systems.

So, with Desktop Central in place, you would no longer
require to worry about your Java updates irrespective of which installable you
had used on you 64-bit systems.

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