Automated Patch Deployment is now more User Friendly

If you are already used to Automated Patch Deployment (APD)
tasks, there might be few changes that you need to make a note so that you get
to see the correct place for the information.

You would no longer need to look under configurations for
checking the status of automated patch deployments; everything is made
available right under the automated patch deployment instead.

From now on (post build number #70221), you will not see any
configurations getting created for the APD tasks that you create. Instead, you
will find everything under the task. For example, the APD task list will look
like the one below :

And for every task, you will find these additional
information: Scan Status, Deploy Status, Failed. The failed column denotes the
number of patches that were failed to deploy for this particular task.

You will also find the systems to which a patch could not be
installed in the

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