Application Performance Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer

most of
Corporate networks, the common problem seen over decades is that
application performance worsens during business hours. Network Admin
managing the corporate network faces the huge task of finding out
what is causing the slowness in accessing the application hosted on a
remote data center.

application performance can degrade due to following reason

  1. Application
    installed server is not good enough (Related Hardware).

  2. Bandwidth
    availability is less when accessing from remote office

first point can be troubleshooted using our ManageEngine tools like
ManageEngine OpManager and ManageEngine Application Manager. We will
concentrate on the 2
Point which is our focus area, since NetFlow Analyzer is a complete
and comprehensive monitoring tool.

are the reason
why Application Performance degrades when it comes to Bandwidth part:

  • Traffic
    is been heavily utilized by Non- Business critical application

  • Less
    priority is given for this application.

Scenario based
explanation is more suitable to explaining this. Consider that a
corporate network has different sites, on one its Data center site a
SAP server is hosted. Users and Admin from all the sites access this
server very second and they report slowness while accessing.

network Admin monitoring each site router through NetFlow export in
NetFlow Analyzer is given a task to find out is there any problem
with the network. Network Admin can do 2 things in NetFlow Analyzer
to find out how much bandwidth is been utilized by this application on
each interface of their routers:

  • Application

  • IP Groups

Mapping :-

creates an Application Mapping in NetFlow Analyzer with IP address ,
port and protocol used by SAP server to monitor traffic utilization each link.

drills down to each interface to verify the traffic utilized by SAP Server. He finds that
Non Critical applications like HTTP are using majority of bandwidth. Also, he finds that traffic heading to SAP server are falling under default non prioritized queue.

Admin then can set some QoS policies to prioritize the SAP, so that
this business critical application perofmance can be increased
accross network.

Group :-

admin can also create IP groups with the IP address of SAP server to
see how much bandwidh utilized on each site. To know more about his,
pleas click here.

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