Aruba Networks’ AP-93H Installation Video

Introducing the AP-93H from Aruba Networks: An easy to install 802.11n wall plate access point.

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  1. These are cool devices. No need to use bad examples of ‘other’ installs to
    make the case. Who would install an AP like the one at the 0:18 mark? Is
    there are reason the wire is 5 inches away and not hidden and plugged into
    the back port and why is the AP not mounted level?

    Secondly, the wall plate that they are removing to mount the AP-93H is
    mounting to has a number of data ports on it. These other ports become
    inactive when the AP covers them up. For consideration is the conversion
    of the data wire into JR45 end. It might ‘take about a minute’ to mount
    but the conversion process takes more than that.

    Not to be critical: I DO like these AP’s. The are compact, look nice and
    have great features. There’s no need to compare them to bad examples.

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