[Middle] Up2Date 1.805 1.806

Urgency: Middle (low, Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 1.805 Update: new virus pattern files Bugfix: fixed problem with daemon-watcher memory managment Size: 11037 bytes Up2Date 1.806 Finishing Up2Date 1.805 Size: 490 bytes Up2Date... Read more »

Astaro Security Linux 1.8 is shipping!

Astaro Security Linux 1.8 was released for worldwide distribution. With more than 30.000 downloads of our software and more than 4.000 active used installations, Astaro Security Linux is one of the... Read more »

Astaro Security Linux 1.800

The final release 1.8 of Astaro Security Linux is now available for downloading from   www.astaro.com/products/download.html . Read more »

Up2Date availability 1.74x -> 1.79x

After careful consideration, we have decided NOT to release an Up2Date package for upgrading from the 1.74 series to the 1.79 series. The reason is that the changes in the internal... Read more »