Can COVID-19 Related Data Breach Worries Stop Your Mergers Or Acquisitions?

The WSJ just reported that the new coronavirus has thrown the M&A dealmaking into disarray. They said: “cybersecurity experts say the workplace upheaval caused by the pandemic will complicate mergers and acquisitions... Read more »

[Heads Up] Microsoft: Ransomware Gangs That Don’t Threaten To Leak Your Data Steal It Anyway

That means you can from now on count a ransomware infection as a data breach with all the consequences that this brings. Moreover, the so-called “human-operated” ransomware gangs have stepped up their... Read more »

German Health Authorities Lose €1.5 Million in COVID-19 Mask Purchase Scam

Reaching an all-new low, an international team of individuals setup an elaborate online scam taking advantage of the current need for healthcare equipment to fight COVID-19. Just when you think scammers can’t... Read more »

COVID-19 Emails go From Zero to Half a Million a Day in Just Three Months

According to new data from security researchers at Forcepoint, the interest in coronavirus-themed emails and websites by cybercriminals is cause for concern. As with any globally newsworthy story, the bad guys find... Read more »