Convergence Summit Connect Networking Site – Exhibitor version

Available to all exhibitors of the Convergence Summit, find out how you can maximise the sales opportunities at the show by using the Connect Networking Site Click here to learn more about... Read more »

Wi-Fi Site Planning with VisualRF Plan 6.4

This is a quick demonstration of how to do Wi-Fi site planning using the new VisualRF Plan 6.4 tool. The tool can be downloaded from the Aruba support site and is free... Read more »

Blog: Simple Standalone Site Surveys

The end goal of any site survey is to ensure the most optimal configuration of the wireless network for the given requirements. These requirements can differ from physical location to physical location... Read more »

Live Site Surveys with Xirrus Wi-Fi Designer

Learn more about Xirrus wireless network solutions at For this webinar, we’ll do a walkthrough of Xirrus’ Wi-Fi Designer tool, which aids in the site survey process. Click here to learn... Read more »