[Middle] Up2Date 1.821

Urgency: Middle (low, Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 1.821 Update: Virus Pattern Files Update: Anti Banner Ads Database Size: 8371272 bytes Up2Date Server: All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! READ MORE Read more »

Known Issues

 Know Issues - Version 1.792: Compatibility problems with the Opera Browser (www.opera.com): creating a backup and and some configuration interfaces do not work correctly. These are actually bugs in Opera, not ASL.... Read more »

[High] Up2Date 1.791

Urgency: HIGH (low,Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 1.791 Update: sshd remote root (bug in deattack.c) 264751 bytes Up2Date Server: All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! Note: If you can't load this Up2Date: Disable Systems->... Read more »

Astaro Security Linux 1.737

Have a look at the new Astaro Security Linux 1.737 Download Information http://www.astaro.com/products/download.html asl-1.737.iso : 124528640 bytes : md5sum 7026c74b80ac5cc725e8aa99608acdf5 asl-1.737.iso.gz : 44369989 bytes : md5sum 5b0c96b7438b39510d6d5bfaf4ac662c Changelog Bugfix: password settings... Read more »