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IT security under attack blog series: Instant domain persistence by registering a rogue domain controller

In this blog in the IT security under attack series, we will learn about an advanced Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC) attack to obtain persistence in AD environments. Dubbed DCShadow, this is a late-stage kill chain attack that allows a threat actor with admin (domain or enterprise admin) credentials to leverage the replication mechanism […]

Antivirus Software Overview – Trend Micro Security 2019

https://trendmicro.optrics.com/ Trend Micro™ Security provides advanced protection and privacy so you can enjoy your digital life safely. It helps protect you from identity theft, in addition to safeguarding against viruses, ransomware, spam, and other malware. Trend Micro Security warns you about dangerous links in email and instant messages. Also, it provides simple control screen options […]

High Profile Cyber-Security Breaches in Australia – You Might Be The Next Victim!

(Originally published in CSO, Australia ) Australian media is agog about the stories of hacking by the hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’, the group that defaced several Australian websites also claimed stealing user credentials and contact information from Australian Pizza Hut, early this month. In fact, the month of November has been a period of high profile security breaches and identity thefts not just in Australia, but also across the globe. Seeing some of the world’s mightiest enterprises falling prey to hackers is no longer uncommon given the current trend