World Economic Forum: COVID Makes Cybersecurity Problem No. 1

World Economic Forum: COVID Makes Cybersecurity Problem No. 1

The WEF just published their recent survey over worldwide corporate leaders. When asked about technology objectives that have become a greater priority due to COVID, they elevated information security to the No.... Read more »

Vaccine Research Companies are the Target of New Ransomware Attacks

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) warns financial organizations to be aware of campaigns actively targeting vaccine companies. If you’re a ransomware gang and you want to maximize your... Read more »

The 10 Phases Of Organizational Security Awareness

After 10 years of continued expansion in the security awareness space and providing our platform to tens of thousands of customers, we have observed a certain progress of organizational security awareness over... Read more »

Familiar Advice, but Worth Repeating

Researchers at ESET outline some security best practices to avoid falling for phishing emails. In an article for TechZone360, the researchers explain how to identify suspicious links. “Before clicking on an embedded... Read more »