TFD Roundtable at SDC 2012: Day 1

The Tech Field Day delegates discuss SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference on Monday, September 17 2012. Stephen Foskett is joined by Scott D. Lowe, Robert Novak, Robin Harris, and Jeff Darcy, and they... Read more »

Social Wi-Fi Roundtable

Social Wi-Fi sign-in is a controversial topic. Is Wi-Fi a utility like electricity or an optional amenity? And is giving up one’s Facebook credentials an appropriate price to be able to use... Read more »

Aruba Atmosphere 2015 Roundtable: HP Aruba Acquisition – What Does The Future Hold?

The Aruba Atmosphere delegates discuss the impact of the announcement of HP acquiring Aruba Networks and how the two companies will proceed in the future with regards to both wireless and wired... Read more »