SSL Termination & The BEAST

Over the last few weeks we have seen more and more users reporting that they have run a security check on the SSL certificate thats installed on their Loadbalancer appliance using the... Read more »

Upstart Script for Collectd

We have been doing some internal testing with Collectd. “collectd gathers statistics about the system it is running on and stores this information. Those statistics can then be used to find current performance... Read more »

For any poor sod who needs to deal with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Any engineer dealing with PCI DSS compliance issues probably looses a little bit of the joy in life . Now don’t get me wrong, The PCI DSS has a laudable aim and is written... Read more »

Load balancing Microsoft Print Server

Microsoft print server provides a great way to share printers throughout your organisation, but when the print server service falls over, the phone quickly starts to ring. By adding a load balancer... Read more »