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Social Engineering via Elder Scrolls

Scammers are going after Elder Scrolls Online accounts by posing as the game’s developers and informing players that their accounts will be banned unless they hand over their credentials, BleepingComputer reports. The fraudsters convey their scam by PlayStation private messages, and that makes it difficult for the recipients to verify the legitimacy of the sender’s […]

New Ransomware Attack Reboots Systems into Safe Mode to Bypass Antivirus!

The latest strain of Snatch ransomware performs a devious task to ensure tools designed to protect against ransomware are nowhere to be found during encryption.This one is pure evil genius! The latest variant of Snatch has been identified by the researchers at Sophos. Infecting Windows 7 through 10 (in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions), this […]

Ransomware: Should I Pay the Ransom?

What do you do when your data is kidnapped? According to a 2014 UK research study, 41% of ransomware victims were more than willing to cave in to the demands of ransom-takers than lose their invaluable digital files for good.What would the sherriff do?In 2014, the Dickson Sherriff’s Office paid $572 as ransom when the […]