Load balancing UDP on EC2

I had been tasked with finding a way to load balance UDP on AWS. Normally we would use ipvsadm in at layer 4 DR but because of the limitations in ec2... Read more »

SSL Termination & The BEAST

Over the last few weeks we have seen more and more users reporting that they have run a security check on the SSL certificate thats installed on their Loadbalancer appliance using the... Read more »

Apache and X-Forwarded-For Headers

As a follow on to my previous blog, its easier to get Apache to log client IP addresses utilizing X-Forwarded-For headers than it is using IIS. By default, the logs do not... Read more »

IIS and X-Forwarded-For Header

So, you’re using IIS and you want to track your clients by IP address in your IIS logs. Unfortunately, out of the tin, this is simply not possible Read more »