Bogus FedEx and DHL Phishbait

Bogus FedEx and DHL Phishbait

Researchers at Armorblox describe an ongoing phishing campaign that’s using phony FedEx and DHL shipping notifications as phishing lures. “A few days ago, the Armorblox threat research team observed an email impersonating... Read more »

Zoom Impersonation a New Variant of Familiar Phishbait

Zoom-themed phishing attacks have spiked since the start of the pandemic, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns. Attackers adapted quickly earlier this year when a large portion of workers began operating remotely,... Read more »

Amazon Prime Phishbait: Lessons Learned

An Amazon phishing campaign is accidentally sending out links that lead straight to the attacker’s remote access console, according to Paul Ducklin at Naked Security. Ducklin explains that Sophos came across a... Read more »