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Is your business PCI DSS compliant?

How Chooseus Life Insurance lost its customers’ cardholder details and their trust In August 2019, reporters began flocking to Chooseus Life Insurance’s head office in Detroit after news leaked that thousands of the company’s customers had lost money due to a security breach. The CEO of this life insurance company released the following statement: “We […]

High Profile Cyber-Security Breaches in Australia – You Might Be The Next Victim!

(Originally published in CSO, Australia ) Australian media is agog about the stories of hacking by the hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’, the group that defaced several Australian websites also claimed stealing user credentials and contact information from Australian Pizza Hut, early this month. In fact, the month of November has been a period of high profile security breaches and identity thefts not just in Australia, but also across the globe. Seeing some of the world’s mightiest enterprises falling prey to hackers is no longer uncommon given the current trend