Password problems in 1.736

There is a problem with password settings during the install procedure with version 1.736 - please use this workaround or wait for 1.737: Passwords from install procedure for loginuser and root... Read more »

New German Download Mirror

There is a new mirror available in Germany: Thanks to Klaus for his support!  READ MORE Read more »

[High] Up2Date 1.708 1.709 1.715

Up2Date 1.708 and prepare Up2Date 1.709 (498 Bytes) Urgency: HIGH (low,Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 1.709 Update: MiddleWare Update: WebAdmin Update: Selfmonitor Update: Anti Virus Scan with AVP Update: Up2Date Update: HTTP Proxy... Read more »

[Middle] Up2Date 1.716 1.717 1.718

New Up2Dates are now available for Astaro Security Linux. Urgency: Middle Up2Date 1.716 Prepare Up2Date 1.717 484 Bytes Up2Date 1.717 MiddleWare DNS-ACL Bug fixed 1332009 Bytes Up2Date 1.718 Finish Up2DAte 1.717... Read more »