ACC Up2Date 1.201 [low]

Version 1.201 is a bug fix update which fixes seven bugs, including the limitation that Webadmin Single-Sign-On only works if ASG uses webadmin port tcp/443. - read on to get the... Read more »

ASG Up2date 6.300 released [Middle]

Version 6.300 includes some highlights: performance improvments for IPS and Anti-Virus of more than 50%, deletion of NTLM credentials and two new SMTP recipient white lists (global or just for Anti-Spam).... Read more »

Astaro Command Center released!

Today we shipped Astaro Command Center V1 . Read more »

ASG Virtual Appliance 6.202 released

The VMware images of ASG V6.202 were released. They include all previous Up2Date packages and using now the (virtual) LSI Logic SCSI Adapter to increase disk performance. Read more »