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Happy much belated New Year readers, and welcome back!

Regular readers probably noticed that the blog has been down for quite awhile. Early January, we unexpectedly had to take the blog server offline during some expected web site maintenance and re-architecture. It remained down longer than planned, so we decided to move the blog back to an external, hosted environment to avoid future downtime.

We have since redirected all our domain names, so you can reach our re-launched blog both through or  Now, all we have left to fix is to redirect our email subscribers. If you’ve subscribed to our blog in the past, you may not receive email updates about new blog posts right away. We are working on fixing that next. In any case, I apologize for the down time, and am happy to have you back.

Meanwhile, we haven’t been sitting on our hands during the blog downtime. Over the past few weeks, we’ve released quite a lot of content, you just might have had trouble finding it. Over the next day or so, I’ll post articles summarizing some of the previous weeks of content for you to peruse.

WatchGuard’s Daily Security Byte:

Daily Security Byte is one of the things you may have missed due to our blog downtime. After returning from vacation after the New Year, I launched a new daily information security (infosec) video designed to share big security stories every week day. This short, one to two minute video keeps you informed and shares practical advice that might apply to the topic at hand. We’ve already posted 16 episodes of the Daily Security Byte since the beginning of the year. With the blog back, I’ll share these daily videos here; however, if our blog is ever down again you can always find these videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel, or in daily posts on WatchGuard’s Facebook page.

New Format for WatchGuard Security Week in Review:

Our new daily video also resulted in changes to our regular weekly video. Rather than summarizing all that happened during the week, our new Security Week in Review video highlights the daily videos from the week, sharing any relevant updates to those stories. It then covers Friday’s security news. On top of that, the weekly security video post is where you can find a useful reference section containing many infosec stories from each week.

As you can see, much has changed since our last post here, but with the blog back we are eagerly anticipating an exciting new year of security news and knowledge. We hope you join us for the ride. — Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

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