Fujitsu Fsas Selects WatchGuard Appliances for its Managed Security Services in Japan

WatchGuard Technologies continues to add key partnership across the globe, including the most recent announcement that Fujitsu Fsas, the leading IT and technical support services provider in Japan, is now integrating WatchGuard NGFW/UTM appliances into its managed security services.

Managed security solutions are gaining popularity as the volume and complexity of security threats continue to grow – especially among small-to-midsized and distributed enterprise environments. According to Shirou Ohtsubo, senior vice president of Fijitsu Fsas’ Service Business Unit, the rising popularity of managed security services has a lot to do with the realities of increased cloud adoption and multiple network access points.

“IT systems are transitioning to the cloud, intensifying the need for network access from a variety of applications and locations,” explained Ohtsubo-san. “At the same time, advanced persistent threats are causing increased damage. It’s vital that companies prevent these types of intrusions and threats across their network access points and inbound traffic.”

Integrating WatchGuard’s NGFW/UTM appliances with Fujitsu Fsas services strengthens the security gateway with the latest security technology and features, including advanced threat protection and network segmentation. It also allows Fujitsu Fsas to use WatchGuard System Manager to seamlessly manage its customer deployments.

“Our alliance with WatchGuard provides security appliances and operation management software that protects against these intrusions and threats,” continued Ohtsubo-san. “Their products complement our services and enable us to provide more granular and powerful security solutions to our customers.”

WatchGuard will continue to grow its partnership with Fujitsu Fsas and maximize customer value for deeper levels of network security. Appliances are now available as part of Fujitsu Fsas services, and the company will soon be selling standalone WatchGuard NGFW/UTM appliances.

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