Working of Google Map from build 9700

Recently we have been receiving  a couple of mails from different customer with queries on Google Maps. There has been a change in Google Map in NetFlow Analyzer since Google has introduction  API Version 3.

Please refer the this link to know more about change in Google Map .

NetFlow Analyzer supports API Version 3 from build 9700. However we have to go through a small step before we see the Google map.

How to switch to Google Map UI in NetFlow Analyzer :
You can click on the drop available in Dashboard/Device/IP group/Autonomous System/Interface Group pages to switch to Google Map View.

How to make Google Map work :
You have to download a file called googlemap.js as mentioned in Google Map page. You can also download the file from here or download the attached googlemap.js.

Once you have download this file, please save it in location webappsnetflowscript . Once you have saved the file refresh the Google Map page to view the Google Map.

How to Assign router to this Google Map :
You can click on option “Click Here” available on the Google Map page. You can also assign location by navigating to Admin –>Google Map Settings –> Assign Locations For Routers.

This will take you to a different page where you can type the location where you wish to place the router and click on “Show on Map” once the router is placed correctly, you can click on “Save Location” to save the location.

Now once you switch to Google Map page, you can see your router in the concerned location.

Limitation of Google Map with introduction of API version 3 :
Google allows only 20 locations in one query with the free edition of API version 3. So we will be able to see only a Max of 20 routers in the Google Map view.
You can download a free 30 day trial from here.


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