Will mobile devices replace desktops in enterprises?

We  keep hearing new concepts around mobile devices every passing day. BYOD, BYOA, MDM, MAM etc. have become the buzz words of IT industry.  Are mobile devices slowly replacing desktops at work? Does that mean end of the road for desktops? What precisely is the role of desktops in  modern organizations?

These  are some of the questions fazing us!  To understand the role of mobile  devices vis-a-vis desktops in  enterprises, we have devised a survey.  Your responses will help us  measure the ‘convergence of desktops and  mobile devices’ in enterprises.

All you need to do is to participate in this simple survey http://bit.ly/197fKaP  and tell us what exactly is happening in enterprises. This will only  take a few minutes of your time and your responses will help us serve  you better!

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