Why should you attend our webinars?

We, at NetFlow Analyzer have been regularly conducting webinars for almost a year now. This blog post is intended to convey an important idea to you, as our target audience as to why we keep doing this and what is it that drives us to move forward.

Webinars are like friends with benefits. There is hardly any commercial coloring associated with them. They are, by and large, a knowledge-sharing platform offering mutual benefit to both the organizers and the attendees.

‘Webinars’ from an attendee perspective is generally to gain knowledge from an authentic source. The interest level and the response that we have seen in the past year has been amazing. Professionals associated with business IT have a very challenging responsibility of keeping up with the changing trends. All of us are aware that this industry is extremely volatile and dynamic. Change is what drives our business and we are on a constant, never-ending quest for something new in terms of technology which will either help in cost savings or to improve efficiency and productivity of the resources we have.

We serve as the medium through which they can get first-hand information about what is happening around them, the resources that are available to them but they may not be aware of how to use them and to empower them with knowledge about a certain technology that is quite challenging to understand.

From our perspective, as organizers, we look at it as a wonderful way to connect with you. It acts as a medium to share the expertise that we have in-house and we manage to rope in from the industry for joint webinars. It gives Enterprises immense benefit and the opportunity to interact with industry experts on a LIVE session. It is one place where the two E’s, expertise and Enterprise come together.

The polls and the surveys that we conduct, as organizers, help us understand your requirements better and that understanding helps us build products that would better suit your requirements and keep us in tune with the times. With a better idea of what you expect, we can serve you better.

We have had a lot of attendees coming back to us telling how useful & effective they have found our webinars and to help make someone put their time to best use and equip them with the knowledge that they need is quite a nice feeling.

If you have missed any of our previous webinars, here is the link to the webpage where we upload the recordings.

You could also keep watching our webinar page for updates. You can also reach us through email, twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for updates on upcoming webinars. Do not miss our next webinar on ‘IPv6 addressing’ which is round the corner.

All it takes is to register, attend and interact. Do not miss the wonderful opportunities we create for you to make the best out of the resources that we share with you. Do let us know if you have got any feedback regarding the same. A big thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to offer you much more and even better webinars in the future too.

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