Who moved my data?

Remember Hansel and Gretel? They could trace their way back home because of the pebbles they dropped as a trail. It was a great story to read and teaches us one important lesson: leave a trail to find your way back home. This isn’t the case every time someone is lost. Zooming into the IT reality of today, enterprises always worry about keeping their confidential information safe and within the organization. Each time there is a hack or a data leak, the cybercriminal can be tracked using the logs stored in the computer. But, what if there was no trail to find?

Simple applications can transfer data in the form of photo, video, encrypted files or MMS and never be traced. How? The data is self-destructive! No data, no crime and no punishment. Various popular apps like Snapchat or Wickr allow you to send information and leave no trace. In fact, they market their apps using this as the USP.

It sounds worrisome but there are many ways of preventing the misuse of similar apps in the Enterprises. A simple installation of Mobile Device Management software can help the IT staff keep track on the applications being used by their employees within the corporate network. This needs to be backed up with a strong and fool-proof IT policy that condemns the usage of applications on mobile devices that pose a threat to the corporate data. Under the BYOD and BYOA approaches, white and black listing of applications help keep the uninvited apps out of the Enterprise network. Every week we find new reasons to rethink the need of BYOD and face a dilemma in its adoption. But, the right monitoring and managing software can disentangle the mess without trouble.

Timely market information is the boon of internet, we must use it wisely!

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