What’s today’s magic wand?

Around the same time a hundred years ago, chemistry was the most happening thing in the world largely due to the circumstances several nations were going through at that point of time. Governments invested heavily in the field of chemical research and a country that possessed rich chemical expertise was seen to be powerful and that which had an edge over the others. The use of chemical weapons in World war I led nations to victory and empowered them with wealth, influence and power.

Coming back to the present, what is that magic wand in these times that we live in? Today, we live in the ‘knowledge era’. It is not nations that are fighting with each other as much (barring a few exceptions), but it is enterprises that are vying with each other to stay ahead in business. In this context, what could possibly be that game-changing element that can greatly affect the course in the battle field of business?

Actionable information arising out of intelligent analytics is considered the magic wand of this age. We are going through an exact parallel period in today’s scenario with the only difference being, it is ‘Actionable Information’ that is the contemporary of what chemicals used to be a 100 years ago. Data, analytics and actionable information have become major things that any forward-thinking, fast-paced company thinks of in today’s age.

What is the one thing that matters the most in today’s World for Enterprises?

To answer in one word, it would be ‘numbers’. It may sound so generic but number-crunching and analytics have become major areas of concern and provide ample scope for making them better.

A data-driven approach to manage business is the key to success and many organizations have stood testimony to this fact. We have umpteen case studies and use cases indicating how better analytics steered them ahead of their contemporaries.

In this information age, it is vital for all corners of your organization to remain connected. Not just that, in times of crisis such as an attack or a network performance issue, there is somehow or the other, a dearth for actionable information. This is primarily why organizations are constantly looking for tools that could get them this visibility and get their IT teams closer to the actual cause for such events that have drastic effects on productivity, morale, hidden costs (enough said).

We at ManageEngine offer tools that could empower your business so that, you would focus just on their business and leave the IT management aspect to us. Whether it is monitoring your network performance or availability of applications or managing & monitoring network bandwidth or managing devices, name it and we have it.

Take advantage of the analytical capabilities of ManageEngine tools and get more power to your organization in the midst of the challenges that the modern-day business world pose.


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