Video traffic: Inevitably intensive!

The human brain has different levels of stimulus to different media. The visual appeal always has a long-lasting impact on the human brain and that forms the basis of our quest for exploring increasing number of possibilities of bringing in video into the Enterprise network. It also the reason behind why the entire World is on a race to offer supreme levels of user experience particularly for applications that involve video.

With video, communication is much  faster and effective. Not just that, video has several other applications in an Enterprise that boost its productivity a great deal. Organizations are increasingly adopting e-learning, webcasts, webconferencing etc. for the cost-savings associated with it and its invaluable contribution to increasing organizational productivity, its ability to simplify business processes and also to solve problems associated with logistics etc.

With so many advantages, this should have a big flipside, which is the high amount of resource intensiveness. Video is highly bandwidth intensive and the high amount of overhead it places on the network is quite whooping. There is quite a big chance for other applications on the network getting affected in terms of delivery and performance due to adoption of video.

But, that doesn’t stop any Enterprise from exploiting the power of video. It is quite an inevitable requirement in these times to have video on the network and users are getting increasingly used to using video-based applications for everyday activities pertaining to business.

The most amazing aspect of technology is that it brings with it a huge number of benefits and a few associated hiccups too. And, we at ManageEngine work towards minimizing those hiccups so that our users get the full advantage of the technology and they never ever get to see the flip-side as we take care of it.

NetFlow Analyzer has several ways of helping you improve your network performance while you deploy video in your network. We support Cisco Medianet which helps you make your network intelligent enough to handle video traffic without affecting its performance nor its quality. Cisco Medianet is comprised of Medianet, Mediatrace and IP SLA Video Operations. We will explain these in our upcoming posts.

Video has become a necessity in the Enterprise networks and to beat the challenges it brings in terms of performance, we will continuously provide supporting mechansims that will not just enhance your network performance but also help you ensure supreme quality of delivery of your applications.

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