User Creation Templates on Steroids!

I will be honest. When I tell most people about what I do, Active Directory evangelism, they yawn at me and lose interest quickly. However, I love what I do and find it very enjoyable.

When I say “user creation templates,” does that make you jump for joy? No?

These words used to bore me, but now, they make me jump for joy! Here’s why:

In ADManager Plus, you have new features that are built around the Drag-n-Drop feature. One of the features makes a user property “mandatory” during user creation phase. This means that the property that you have in the template – Description, for example – must be filled out during the creation of the user, or the system will not allow the user to be created.

Figure 1 illustrates how easy it is to make a user property mandatory.

Figure 1. Making a user property mandatory in the user creation template.

Figure 2 shows you what the error message looks like if you fail to fill out the property when creating a user.

Figure 2. Error message indicating a mandatory user property has not been filled out.

Tell me that is not awesome! Now, when I say, “user creation template with mandatory properties,” does that make you jump for joy? YES!

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