This Week’s Five: Innovations in Networking

Innovations in Networking

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With the emergence of advanced technologies in network management, networks have become more flexible and efficient. Network visualization, replacement of hardware devices with software, control of data centers from the cloud, etc. are opening new vistas for network optimization. Here are some articles that talk about the current trends in networking and what lies ahead for it.

Is SDN the innovation the industry never knew it needed?
Is SDN that new and better way of looking at networking? Is SDN the iPhone-like paradigm shift the industry needs to develop a whole new set of apps that have not been possible without a new model? Here’s an article that talks of the benefits that SDN brings to networking.

Can MSPs monitor, monetize M2M computing?
Machine to Machine (M2M) or the Internet of Things (IoT) computing is beginning to gain traction in enterprises, and MSPs can surely monetize this trend!

To achieve cloud success, prioritize your network
Today’s organizations are focused on achieving more with less. To optimize expenditure and maximize returns, they adapt newer technologies. As for data center management, organizations optimize by using cloud technologies.

Top Networking Projects of 2013
A survey conducted by the 451 research group puts wireless network upgradation right on the top of the networking projects in 2013.

Reasons to consider application-aware network performance management
In small businesses, network and applications are managed separately. But, when businesses expand, network performance management becomes complex. In such scenarios, businesses can adopt application-aware network management. The following article lists five importnt reasons why you should consider adopting application-aware network management.

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