This Week’s Five: CIOs Making News!


This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web.

This week we bring you news about CIOs: what they do, how they do it, and the difference they make!

A company’s first-ever CIO catapults revenue from 6 billion to 18 billion in just four years
How often have you heard of a CIO turning the fortunes of a company? Well, here’s one who did just that, and how? By implementing some very simple IT management strategies.

How much to outsource?
One of the key responsibilities of  a CIO is deciding on outsourcing strategies. The CIO needs to be aware of the consequences of hiring a third party to perform company tasks. Here’s an outsourcing advisory from CIO Insights that gives you a peek into the world of outsourcing.

Mobility changes roles for CIOs
Mobility is spreading like wild fire across enterprises. Because of which BYODers might have to shell out more cash, companies need to become experts in mobile technology, and CIOs will need to make strategies for mobile devices. This article details how the BYOD concept is changing the CIO’s role.

CIOs falling short on the required skills
Are today’s CIOs meeting their job expectations? Or, are they missing the mark? Here’s an article that discusses this trend, citing a Harvey Nash survey conducted among 2000 senior IT professionals.

CIOs taking it slow while hiring
Are CIOs getting cautious while hiring new talent? What are their parameters for hiring? What influences their decision making? To get a clear picture, go through the following slides.

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