The zettabyte boomerang and its impact on QoS

We grew up in the times of bits, bytes, kilobytes and megabytes. In the
last decade we got amazingly familiar with GBs and TBs. In today’s world, we no
longer talk in terms of KBs or MBs. It did take ten long years for our minds to
get used to GBs from MBs. But, it is not going to be the same anymore. In three
years, we would be talking casually about zettabytes.

The rise in the usage of non-PC devices like smartphones,
tablets and smart TVs, IP traffic would grow at an exponential rate and touch
the zettabyte mark by 2015.

The demand for HD and 3D is on the rise too and is expected to contribute to more than 70% of total video traffic by
2015 which means more demand for bandwidth.

All of this puts immense pressure on the administrator to
ensure sufficient bandwidth for vital applications running on the Enterprise
networks. There isn’t any reason to be surprised if HD video conferencing and
3D virtual boardrooms become reality. When that happens, the demand for
enterprise network bandwidth would increase manifolds. It would be imperative
for you as an Administrator to provision adequate bandwidth for delay-free,
jitter-free and prompt delivery of these bandwidth-intensive yet critical

Any compromise on the quality of service of these latency
and delay-sensitive applications would result in undesirable consequences. In
this scenario, QoS will no longer remain an option but a mandatory aspect of
network management. Contrary to popular myths that revolve around QoS, it isn’t
difficult to design and implement. As our attempt to help end-users realize the
full potential of QoS, ManageEngine presented a webinar jointly with
Cisco on ‘QoS Design and validation for Enterprises’. For those of you that
missed it, here is the recording of the webinar.


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