Talk To ME Tuesday: How Does Your Organization Manage “Next”?

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Is your IT organization integral to preparing for and managing what’s coming next for the business? Getting your business ready for how your business and competition will operate at least five years from now was one of the hot topics of discussion at the IT Leadership Summit at Interop in Las Vegas this year.

Thornton May, Futurist and co-chair of the IT Leadership Summit asked the attendees, “How does your organization Manage ‘Next’”? Here were three interesting answers from the attendees:

Cheryl Smith of WestJet said they talk a lot about what the future of the airline industry is going to look like. For example, airlines will know so much more about passengers. The airport will know you the second you walk through the door. There will be no need for tickets. Recognizing that they have to prepare for this kind of future today, WestJet has a group of architects whose job is to think about what’s next. Even a few people doing this can make a huge difference, said Smith.

At the First Reserve Corporation, they use the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) model, said First Reserve’s Gregg Westgate, which is a set of IT service management practices for aligning IT services with the needs of the business. Whether it’s something for now or the future, they first do a needs identification, then they implement, support, and reevaluate every year for each of the technologies and services they’re providing.

Another “What’s Next?” preparatory solution is an innovation funnel, said Nick Handel of Baker Hughes. It’s an open innovation environment where anyone in the company can take a bleeding edge technology, do a tech evaluation of it, and then move it from proof of concept into a pilot and then into production.

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