Talk to ME Tuesday: How Do You Fix a Broken IT Organization?

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No one runs a perfect IT shop. Everyone runs a broken IT organization, said Joe Szmadzinski, Chief Operating Officer of IT Management Resources at the IT Leadership Summit at the 2012 Interop conference in Las Vegas.

Szmadzinski and attendees of the IT Leadership Summit all realized this collectively when he surveyed the audience and everyone admitted to having a broken IT organization.

A broken IT organization is a barometer of the business itself, as it’s reflective of the business’ infrastructure, said Szmadzinski.

Your IT department is made up of people, process, products, and price. Ask yourself what can you do to fix those four areas that will have the biggest impact on the business. Most IT organizations are made up of genomic material, said Szmadzinski. You plan, you manage, and you do. First, ask yourself are you doing those things at all? Are you doing them well?

Once you’re able to answer those questions definitively, yes or no, you can then look to how IT can help in the areas of business performance, sales and administrative, or by bringing revenue to the business, Szmadzinski said.

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