Talk to ME Tuesday: Advice about Investing in Security Management

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People are spending more money in security management, said Andrew Hay, Senior Analyst for 451 Research.

Hay believes that the rise in reporting of high profile breaches has made more people think about investing in overall security management rather than just having firewalls or intrusion detection systems.

“You need something to orchestrate those disparate data sources and combine things to get a better view of your security environment,” said Hay.

If you’re looking for a security management solution, Hay advises that you first think about what you want to monitor. Determining that requires you to first look to your policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards. Once you understand what you want to monitor you can seek out a tool that will be able to manage the data you want to collect.

If you do it the other way around, get too excited by a new cool tool and then try to get it to fit into your environment, it’ll just result in disaster, warned Hay.

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