Stephen Covey’s advice: How does it apply to an IT Administrator?

What amount farsightedness should have the great Dr. Stephen Covey had to write certain things that apply till this date!

The first habit in his ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, according to Dr. Covey, is to be proactive.

It is of immense significance to an IT Administrator as it would typically be one solution to at least 90% of his problems.

Being proactive not just helps in being one step ahead of others but also helps a great way in times of crisis. When there is a sudden sluggishness in the network, having a traffic monitoring mechanism in place helps a great deal in saving a lot of troubleshooting time. That is being proactive.

A proactive IT administrator does not wait for a disturbance to occur and then decide to employ an alerting tool that would help in when in crisis.

It just doesn’t stop with merely choosing a tool. One needs to look at the possible problems with a wholesome perspective and then make a choice. The IT network serves more than a singular purpose and it needs to be monitored for a variety of reasons. A slight disturbance could affect thousands of users in various forms such as delayed delivery of mails, poor voice quality in a VoIP environment, jittery videos in case of video conferencing, hit SLA requirements etc.

It only makes sense to employ one tool that offers solutions to a plethora of problems like what have been mentioned above.

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