Software asset management is not so “soft” and “smooth”

“Choco bloc” is the idiom I think of when it comes to asset tracking (Hardware & Software). Tracking the assets information is not an easy thing to do especially software management and license monitoring. Enterprises need to look at three different aspects of software management – Software Metering, Software Compliance, and Prohibited Software.

Software Metering – You will purchase a lot of software that is required for your enterprise. But you need to track the usage metrics since not every software in enterprise is utilized 100%. Tracking the software usage helps you realize the used and unused software that can help you to take an informed decision. This decision can save your costs on software renewals.

Software Compliance– You heard a lot about compliance then why software compliance? You need to get an understanding of the commercial software used in an organization. This information helps you to know the number of software licenses purchased, the number of software licenses that are currently in use and the number of software licenses that are remaining.

Prohibited Software – Presence of software, which is not aligned with the company polices might become a threat. We all know users will try to carry software that might be against company polices. In order to make sure systems are free from threats and no productivity loss from users it becomes essential for the organization to create a blacklisting of software.

To tackle these three factors you have individual tools that might be of good use but may not the best. A “Centralized Solution” can empower you to tackle these situations effectively.

Desktop Central address your software challenges by providing you with insights on software usage statistics; managing the number of software licenses purchased,  software licenses that are currently in use, alert notifications, and more.

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