Role Management and User Management in ManageEngine IT360

Any software product has a wealth of information about the organisation and hence access security becomes a major concern. This is especially so, when the software is accessed by n number of people and that too from multiple locations from within the office premises or outside. Software vendors take different approaches to providing authorization and authentication. ManageEngine IT360 offers Role Based Access Control. Being multi-modular and with the ability to support 100′s of logical views, IT360 definitely needs a comprehensive access control mechanism in place.

IT360 takes the Permissions – Role – User approach. Roles are defined with varying Read / Write permissions, starting from the extremes, that is Read Only, Read – Write to all modules to intermediate access levels. These Roles are then assigned to Users [read as members of the Networks department, Systems department, Applications department, etc..].

  • A User can have multiple Roles
  • A Role can have multiple Users
  • You can create a Role with multiple permissions across various modules
  • You can apply RBAC to physical and logical groups
  • A permission can be assigned to many roles

I have a powerpoint presentation on the Role and User Management as offered in IT360 along with the supported Permission – Role – User matrix. You will also know the steps to create your own custom User-Role matrix. View this in full screen mode, please.

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