Pearl Public School District gives an A+ to Desktop Central

‘Information’ – the key to learning in schools. Changes in such information access are creating challenges as well as opportunities for Pearl Public School District. The wide spread availability of electronic tools enable pupils the opportunity to access the knowledge bank anytime.

The school’s IT team is in-charge of creating, accessing and deploying the technological know-how. There was no appropriate tool to scrutinize users’ information, maintaining all the consoles manually with updated software became a painstaking task. Soon the IT department started searching for a solution that is capable of updating every system with Office 2010, Windows, and Third party software.

Evaluation criteria included – tool that can provide comprehensive details on inventory, automate the software deployment and a dynamic remote desktop management that can access the system with minimal personnel assistance. After scrutinizing different vendors, Desktop Central became their Final choice.

Desktop Central difference from our client words:

Desktop Central automated lot of tasks we manually did, one technician literally went out and ran windows update manually on every computer. It was such a waste of time. He could be doing some other work instead a task like that. The automation relieved us from a lot of workload. Of course, we have been able to deploy and maintain new software much faster than ever before”.

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