NFC or “Near Field Communication” – a word of Advice

Most of us know about NFC or Near Field Communication. We would like to define it once again; it is a short range wireless connectivity technology that enables to share data at ease. Its real time application ranges from simple file sharing to entry pass for traveling, entertainment show, or works as an health assessor. Now, you would have understood the significance of NFC and it is becoming the BUZZ word, even mobile device vendors leaving no trail to embrace this opportunity. Many leading mobile manufacturers 2013 focus is on NFC. I am sure its application will also equally rise in forthcoming years.

Why is it important for you?

We heard recent cases on data and mobile theft. One of the possibility for data leakage is due to information sharing through NFC by mobile devices. The other possibility is, users  device getting lost, which could end up with the third party that can lead to providing access to a multitude of things including highly confidential company’s information , and personal details such as debit and credit cards. Hence, It becomes imperative for the IT staff to manage this feature.

What can you do?

From Employees side they need to be extra careful about where they place their phones. On the other hand, you need to be proactive in terms of managing Near Field Communication feature by allowing/disallowing depending on the need with the help of Mobile Device Management software.

  A word of Advice

It’s not only NFC, but also technologies such as Bluetooth or any wireless transfer that can lead to data leakage needs to be addressed. Well, given the fact that mobile devices intervention in the organization cannot be avoided. The smart thing could be making better use of these technologies with proper Mobile Device Management software for a higher productivity and to optimize the operational costs. Thus, resulting in productivity growth and saving your time and efforts!

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