New in Applications Manager: Azure & .NET Monitoring, Cloud Starter Edition & more.

We are excited to announce yet another feature update to ManageEngine Applications Manager. Infact, we recently had two back to back releases, version 10.7 and 10.8. My blog will take you through the gist of what has gone into these releases.

Support for monitoring the Microsoft Cloud Platform- Windows Azure

Applications Manager’s Windows Azure monitoring capability will aid the IT administrators to view the performance of the Web, Worker and VM Roles as visually comprehensible graphs and reports.

Using Windows Azure monitoring in ManageEngine Applications Manager, you will be able to:

  • Discover Windows Azure applications and all its role instances.
  • Monitor the different states of Windows Azure role instances. Get alerted for critical states, like “Role is offline“, “Role is unresponsive” and troubleshoot before it affects the end users.
  • Monitor the metrics like CPU Usage, Memory and Network traffic of the various VMs in your Windows Azure VM Roles.
  • Monitor the request execution time, requests rejected, TCP connections, etc., of the various web applications built on your Azure Web Role.
  • Monitor your Windows Azure Role Instances for events such as failed requests, failed attempts to access secure files, etc., and get alerted through our Event and Trace Log Monitoring.
  • Monitor any error with the Windows Azure application deployment and get notified through our Diagnostic Infrastructure logs monitoring.

.NET Transaction Monitoring

With the .NET Monitoring capability of Applications Manager, IT administrators can monitor the performance of complex .NET Web Transactions from the end user to database perspective. It will help the development team to identify slow spots in transactions by showing method level traces and database queries.

Applications Manager provides Apdex user experience scores for .NET components, helping IT communicate application performance achievements to the line of business managers in business-friendly language.

Cloud Starter Edition for Cloud-Focused Organizations

We have launched a new edition of Applications Manager called the Cloud Starter Edition. The new edition supports private/public clouds as well as Linux servers, virtualization software such as VMware or in-memory databases like Memcached, and messaging software like RabbitMQ.

The Cloud Starter edition is ideal for SaaS startups and businesses looking to offer cloud services. Find the comparison between all our editions here.

For the full list of features and enhancements which went into the two releases; here is a screenshot tour on What’s New. You can also check out the new version, by upgrading to the latest version of Applications Manager.

Try it out and share your inputs on the new version.

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