Network Performance Analysis using NetFlow Analyzer.

Now a days, both VoIP and business critical data are given equal weight and priority. Especially companies who are in cloud computing business consider data as more critical part of their business.

This blog explains how NetFlow Analyzer helps to identify performance issues on cloud computing environment.

Use Case Scenario :-

A company which is hosting Online applications have a data center in different locations, The data entered by their customer on its online application will be stored in the primary data center and the same data is been replicated to different data center at branch offices. So, in case of failure in primary data center, the Secondary takes the job and there wont be any data loss. For them customer data is critical and they should not lose business in case of major outage or disaster.

The data is replicated to other data centers almost every second, for this good network connectivity is needed and business critical data is given enough amount of bandwidth and prioritization.

How NetFlow Analyzer Helps?

The company is monitoring all its data center routers in NetFlow Analyzer and they are using Cisco IPSLA WAN RTT feature to measure the data link latency, packet loss and Round Trip Time.

They have created a monitor in NetFlow Analyzer with their primary data center router as a source and the destination as Server IP in which the replication is happening from primary. The IPSLA WAN RTT monitor also have an option to create IP group when ever the new monitor is added. The IP group will show traffic specific to the IP address added.

The IPSLA monitor created has started gathering the data and they found that Round trip time and latency was below the threshold limit they have set and ensured that network connection is good between primary and secondary data center. They have also created a similar kind of monitors between primary and other data center to ensure that everything meets the standard.


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