Monitor Application usage in your Network using NetFlow Analyzer

This blogs is to explain you about monitoring specif application using IP Group in NetFlow Analyzer.

In Some networks there is a necessity to monitor the usage of specific Application usage. NetFlow Analyzer helps you to ease your work load in monitoring such application usage.

You can achieve them by follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Create IP Groups based on Application
  • Generating report

Create IP Groups based on Application

 To view the application usage we need to create an IP Group based on the port used by the application.

You can create an IP group based as mentioned below:

  • Navigate to IP Group → Add and Give in the name for the IP Group

  • Under IP Group based on: section check the box Port/Protocol. If you need to monitor a server using an application, select IP Address and Port/Protocol.

  • Select the interfaces you wanted to monitor and give in the speed of the IP group.


Once the IP group is created, it will start collecting the traffic information based on the criteria.

Generating report

Once the IP group is started collecting data you can create reports like traffic reports, conversation reports. If you have created several IP group you can create report compare reports and check the traffic utilization of each IP groups.

 Compare report:

For Professional Plus users

 If you have have the NetFlow analyzer Professional Plus Edition you can use the capacity planning report to view the growth of the application.

 To generate Report:

Drill down to the Ip group → traffic tab → Click on Capacity Planning report and select time period Last week or more, you will be able to view the Application growth based the time frame select.

Arun Karthik Asokan

NetFlow Analyzer Technical Team

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