Mobile Device Management plays a bigger role in 2013 enterprise IT spending

IT spending in 2013 is expected to touch 2.1 trillion, especially with respect to mobile device platform, forecasts IDC. This is largely due to products such as mini tablets and other gadgets that have become a favorite among employees and this made enterprise to focus their spending on Mobile Device Management solution.

One factor could be the lower price point of such gadgets for users who are looking at making their workplace ‘smarter’ made the mini tablets and wide array of mobile devices a buying possibility. 

How does it affects you

Given the situation of mobile device intrusion in today’s working place, companies are not fully equipped and thus, not fully matured, to manage such alternate device inundation. The latest example of the introduction of mini tablets only adds fuel to the fire.

IDC states that the mini tablet market segment is slated to grow at least by 42% (to 170 million units) in 2013. Companies that react to such developments would be left to play the ‘catching up’ game.

The gap between IT technicians and gadget users are narrowing. Since most of the employees are adapting to the latest electronic gadgets and enterprise come to a stage where Mobile Device
Management (MDM) becomes the end point.

What needs to be done?

An average user today is carrying more than one device into his/her company. While enterprise has to put stricter policies in place to protect its sensitive data, such policies often remain tangential to the expectation of its employees. Bridging this gap often becomes a nightmare for the company.

BYOD thus becomes a strategic choice for the enterprise. The plethora of mobile devices notwithstanding, it takes a prudent management only a little time to realize the necessity of having a robust Mobile Device Management for its well-being.

These conditions only make it critical for a company to invest in BYOD, as it restores a sense of balance between the company’s security needs and its employees’ necessity of freedom!

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