MIND INfotech, a CMM Level 5 Company, Adopts Desktop Central to Manage 6,500 Systems

Do your organization’s site engineers use heterogeneous tools for system troubleshooting, managing assets, and performing routine desktop management tasks? ​Are your IT admins always running from one desktop or workstation to another, deploying software applications or performing other tasks requested by users?

That’s exactly what the IT team at MIND INfotech, a leading Indian IT company and CMM level 5 organization, was doing until they adopted Desktop Central. ​Check out the case study that details how Desktop Central simplified the management of diverse array of assets at MIND INfotech.

In a nutshell, ​monitoring and managing 6500 systems made iT operations highly complicated. And MIND INfotech was using different legacy tools for software deployment, asset management, and screen sharing, which only added to the complexity. Their earlier attempts at implementing a centralized solution proved futile as most of the processes had to be executed manually. Further, the IT personnel had to visit remote sites or workstations  to troubleshoot and collect asset information.

MIND INfotech’s IT team decided it was time to replace their ​existing, multi-tool solution with a centralized tool that can be deployed in single location. Apart from the huge convenience  and time saved, this will also help them achieve a much higher return on investment. Enter Desktop Central, which does exactly that. Click here to download the case study to see for yourself how Desktop Central helped MIND INfotech gain an edge in securely managing its 6,500 systems




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