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Well, imagine you have a monitoring tool that has the capability to monitor network devices, servers, applications, databases, bandwidth monitoring along with an ITIL Help Desk. Something is still missing here, right? What if you had a host of storage devices from different vendors that you want to monitor as with any other device and servers? And, you get this storage device monitoring as a part of the tool!

Yes, this is the integration between ManageEngine IT360 and ManageEngine OpStor.

You are already aware that ManageEngine IT360 is an integrated solution for monitoring your network devices, servers, applications, databases, Virtual environments, bandwidth monitoring. In addition, it has an integrated ITIL help desk.

And, ManageEngine OpStor is a multi-vendor storage area networks SAN and network attached storage NAS monitoring tool for storage devices like Storage Arrays, Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, Host servers and Host Bus Adapters cards from leading vendors like EMC, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Promise, Fibrenetix, Cisco, Brocade, DELL, ADIC, SUN, QLogic, Emulex, JNI and more.

In meeting with the needs of the market, these two tools have been integrated. The procedure to integrate is pretty easy given that both the tools are home-grown! From ManageEngine! Once integration is complete you will be able to see the Storage tab in IT360 console. The alarms related to Storage devices will be a part of the Alarms module of IT360. So is the case with the Reports. All Administrative options are available in the Admin tab.

You can create Business Service Groups that comprise network devices, servers, applications and Storage Devices, very similar to the groups you had created before this OpStor integration. And, You may run both the tools in https mode or both in http mode. You CANNOT run one in http mode and the other in https mode.

All three editions of IT360 namely, IT360 Professional Edition, the Enterprise Edition and the MSP Edition, supports integration with OpStor.

If you are already running licensed versions of both the tools separately, you can easily integrate them now and if you have one of the tools already running in your environment and you want to buy the other tool and integrate both, then yes, this is also possible.

By the way, IT360 and OpStor can be installed in the same physical server provided you ensure the server meets the summative / equivalent hardware requirements of the individual tools. The tools can also be installed in VM instances too!

So, why wait? Try this combination and decide on the derived benefits. Our support team can assist you further on this. Write to us at:

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