Manage Mac ​Configurations ​from Central Location with Desktop Central

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As an IT admin, what makes your work easy? Automating configuration standardization for a network of computers, or performing it manually? What if the computers being referred to are Mac systems?

By automating your configuration of computers, you can save the time and effort that you would normally spend configuring them manually.

When it comes to standardizing configurations for thousands of Mac systems, the process has to be simple and centralized. The challenge not only lies with the perceived differences in system settings between configurations (which complicates the issue) but also with the software, which must be able to standardize the settings across multiple configurations from a central location.

So the question every IT admin has to ask is this: Can automated desktop management software help in standardizing the configurations of Mac systems in our company network?

Of course it can! That’s why Desktop Central has enhanced its support for Mac-based configurations.

What Can Desktop Central Do for the IT Admin?

Desktop Central lets you configure multiple Mac systems from a central location, without any hassle. this means standardizing the required user profiles in an easier way.

One click, multiple installations: Through Desktop Central’s pre-definable configurations, IT admins can automate desktop updates and other activities across multiple Mac systems from a single location.

Flexible power management: Manageable power schemes multiple options to create, modify, and delete power schemes in remote Mac systems.

Balanced security and automation: Security is the cornerstone of Mac systems and this is a well known fact. Desktop Central allows IT Admin to configure security settings for multiple systems, on both the domain level as well as the individual webpage level. This helps by restricting user access from unauthorized sites.

Create widgets from parts of a webpage: Desktop Central’s Web clips offer IT admins the ultimate resource to create shortcuts in dashboards and to enable easy access to important websites and URLs.

If you’d like to learn more about how Desktop Central can help you manage your Mac systems, click here.


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