IT’s all about love!

All the romantic couples in love out there, wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day. And Bye Bye! The rest of the post has got nothing(well, almost!) to do with you couples.

A day of love, need not necessarily pertain to couples in nuptial bonding or to-be-so. It is simply just love. It can symbolise love of the mother, love of a friend, love of a teacher, love of a job, just about anything. In that case, it can also be the love of/for an IT guy.

The best part of being an IT Administrator is to solve other people’s problems. If your mail is not fetching, you call the IT guy. If there is a problem with your network cable, you call the IT guy. When anything goes wrong, the IT guy is called, no matter what time of the day it is. But, when everything is right, do we bother to thank them and show them our love?

Isn’t it only fair that we say some nice things to them because it is due to the efforts of these guys that the entire business runs on a day to day basis? We heavily rely upon them constantly and solicit their services, either directly or indirectly and yet it is a thankless job that they end up doing because not even 10% of us actually express words of appreciation, acknowledgement or even association.

It is way too inappropriate to talk how IT benefits business at this point of time because all of us are totally aware of it. IT makes processes much simpler and efficient. The very fact that you are able to connect to your office network and work with a peaceful mind is because an IT guy made sure that you experience no hassles in finishing your job. IT makes people’s life much simpler so that work gets over sooner and they get to spend time with their loved ones. It also makes people love their jobs which otherwise would have been pretty boring. Imagine those times where Zoho Sheet, MS Excel etc. weren’t there. Can you even think of life without Excel and email? How would it have felt to work on extra long sheets of paper, calculating manually and sending them over postal mail to your boss? One has to admit the fact that IT has changed our lives for better and in a way has brought in a lot of prosperity and love.

The IT guys ensure that all of us receive those benefits and the toil that they go through is immeasurable just to ensure that we get to do our jobs without any technical hiccups. It is thus really important to show them our love and support and show that generously.

Let us gather and show our love and support for these guys on this lovely day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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