Improving the efficacy of Servicedesk Plus with Desktop Central Advanced Remote Control

Welcome to the world of remote control operations using Desktop Central. Desktop Central  allows you to manage systems in remote locations using the advanced remote control feature that can be integrated with Servicedesk Plus.

With the Remote Control  feature  you can perform operations such as:


Click the history tab to track and analyze which system has been accessed and by whom. This helps you keep abreast of the details needed while auditing the systems to satisfy compliance requirements.

Remote File Transfer:

Remotely access desktops and transfer files between them.  Save the time and effort when you have to install .exe files to test  applications in multiple user systems.

Multi Monitor Support:

Connect to a remote machine that has more than one monitor and this is especially useful when you collaborate to troubleshoot a remote machine. Its multi monitor support facilitates easy remote control set up and  allows switching options between primary and secondary monitors.

Session Recording:

The record and view remote sessions feature allows you to monitor activities to ensure data security and that compliance standards of regulatory bodies like HIPPA, PCI and Trade Practice, are met.

User Approval:

Seek user permission when connecting to remote computer desktops to ensure user privacy.

It is really that simple! Plug in Desktop Central with Servicedesk Plus and connect to the system remotely to trouble-shoot problems. You can also block sensitive data from being viewed and disable  the remote user’s keyboard and mouse.

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