Improve Your IT Productivity with OpManager’s New Fluidic UI

Today, enterprises handle 10 times more alarms than they did a decade ago. At $70,000 a year, a systems administrator costs $35 per hour. A 10-member IT team could save $875,000 over 5 years if the user interface for their IT management solution was 25 percent faster.

Switch to OpManager 11.3 and try the new Fluidic interface. It helps you quickly navigate across various performance pages and reports in less than 100ms, which helps you know the fault and performance data and troubleshoot problems before your users or customers complain.

In addition to the Fluidic UI, OpManager 11.3 enhancements include:

  • social wall for IT discussions
  • custom report builder
  • heat map widget with live health status of devices
  • multicolor graphs built on rickshaw.js
  • HTML5-based workflow, rack, and floor builders
  • QR codes for asset tracking built on qrcode.js
  • support for keyboard shortcuts built on keboard.js

Click here to learn more about the Fluidic UI.

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