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“Apple” has been a favorite among consumers when it comes to mobile devices. It began its ‘post-Jobs’ era last year by releasing more number of products. Well, the good news is that products like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch met with critical success, in terms of delighting the customers. On the other hand, this delight was unsustainable because of the increasing cases of thefts.  This increased to 40% by the last quarter (according to CNET, a total of 11,447 cases were reported to the New York City police between January  and September of 2012, which is a rise of 3,280 over 2011). It became such a serious issue that stringent rules and policies have to be put in place to ensure the safety of devices. Government in its behalf cautioned the consumers to be aware of their surroundings.
What is in it for you?  Think about 2013? Mobiles vendors are competing to introduce better and improved devices. As an IT technician, how will you ensure that confidential data that reside in employee’s pocket will not end up in the hands of a third party?
Mobile Device Management can answer these concerns by helping you to manage the mobile devices effectively. But the challenge is choosing the right Mobile Device Management tool that can be act as a robust security management.
The two important things that you need to look in to a Mobile Device Management solutions are:

These features can ensure that your data truly remains for your eyes only!
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